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E-SIGN, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. § 7001, et seq.), requires that you consent to entering into an electronic agreement with Six Sigma Social. (hereinafter “Six Sigma Social”) before the agreement is executed. Please read the following information carefully.

  1. Should you enter into an online Influencer Agreement with Six Sigma Social, you will not be required to submit a paper application. The entire agreement between you and Six Sigma Social will be evidenced by an electronic record. However, you must consent to the use of an electronic record and must read the Terms and Conditions of the Influencer Agreement, Six Sigma Social’s Policies and Procedures, and the Compensation Plan during the enrollment process and electronically acknowledge that you have read these documents.
  2. To access these documents and submit your online application, you will need a personal computer with Internet access, Internet browser software and PDF readersoftware.
  3. You may withdraw your consent to the use of electronic records at any time. However, should you do so, your Influencer Agreement will be automatically terminated and you will lose all rights to any Influencer organization and you will lose all rights to all remuneration under the Six Sigma Social Compensation Plan. Should you wish to withdraw your consent to the exclusive use of an electronic agreement (and thereby terminate your agreement with Six Sigma Social), or update any of your personal information, you must do so through your Six Sigma Social Influencer Suite.
  4. Should you wish to obtain a paper copy of the Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, the Behind-The-Stie-Data Terms of Use, and Compensation Plan, please send an E-mail requesting those documents to Your request must include your name, your Influencer identification number, your mailing address, and your E-mail address. Upon receipt of such a request, Six Sigma Social will mail you the then current version of each document. You will be charged $1.00 per page for this service with a minimum charge of $10.00.
  5. You agree that Six Sigma Social may amend the Influencer Agreement and all documents incorporated therein at its sole discretion upon proper notice as specified in those documents. You may also access the version of these documents that were in effect at the time you executed your electronic agreement. Any outdated documents are archived by Six Sigma Social and are available by contacting Six Sigma Social. The most current version of the Terms and Conditions, the Policies and Procedures, and the Compensation Plan are always available at Six Sigma Social’s official website/ in your Six Sigma Social Influencer Suite for viewing, printing and downloading.
  6. Should there ever be a change in the equipment or software necessary to access the Influencer Agreement and the documents incorporated therein, Six Sigma Social will advise you of the same and will provide you with a list of the equipment and software that is necessary. Upon such event, you may voluntarily terminate your agreement with Six Sigma Social.
  7. By clicking on “I AGREE” below, you consent to use of electronic records evidencing your Six Sigma Social Influencer Agreement. If you click on the “Cancel” box, the enrollment process will be terminated and you will be returned to our home page.